The ORL App:

Lüers & Bialek GbR, Aachener Str. 539, 50933 Cologne, Germany

represented by: Prof. Dr. Jan-Christoffer Lüers & Jan-Eric Bialek

App Team / GbR

Jan-Christoffer Lüers

CEO, Founder of THE ORL APP

Prof. Dr. Jan-Christoffer Lüers (MD) is a specialist for Otorhinolaryngology. He is the Deputy Medical Director of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Cologne (Germany).

Jan-Eric Bialek

Finance & Sales Management

Head of Marketing

Free Editors

Dr. Lisa Nachtsheim
Dr. Kevin Hansen

If you are interested in helping us to develop THE ORL APP and join our team, please contact us by email: